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OUR ACTIONS - Taking care in Luxembourg

The Chaîne de l'Espoir Luxembourg welcomes children suffering from severe pathologies which could not be operated on during its missions for lack of adequate infrastructure, as well as children who are referred to it on the basis of a medical file. Operated and treated at the Luxembourg Hospital Center, the North Hospital Center or the Saint-Luc university clinics in Brussels, they then stay for several weeks or even several months with Luxembourg host families. Discover here the portrait of some of our little patients ...

If you are interested in welcoming a sick child to Luxembourg and accompanying him during his stay in hospital,

contact us by email at



During one of his ENT missions in Dakar, Dr Luc Schroeder had received Gallo, then 5 years old, in consultation. His face was deformed by a horse bite suffered at the age of one year and required extensive treatment in Luxembourg.

Two operations divided into two stays spaced twelve months apart were necessary to make the little boy smile. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the interventions allowed the child to find the mouth opening necessary to eat properly and ensure dental hygiene.

Gallo has since been reunited with his family and is educated at a public school. The little boy is regularly followed by the ENT doctor at the Albert Royer Hospital, a CDEL partner in Dakar.


Lionnel, 3 years old, originally from Burundi, underwent a heart operation by catheterization at the Saint-Luc University Clinics in Brussels. The child was then been transferred to Luxembourg where he was able to benefit from medical monitoring provided for nearly two months by Dr Kerstin Wagner. Back in his country and surrounded by the affection of his family, Lionel is today a little boy who has fully recovered his capacities and his vitality.



Ange, 3 years old, from Rwanda suffered from a major heart defect which was operated on at the Saint-Luc University Clinics in Brussels. Back in Luxembourg where she stayed for several months, she was successfully followed by the cardio-pediatrician of the Chaîne de l'Espoir Luxembourg, Dr Kerstin Wagner. The little girl has now returned to Rwanda from where her family informed us that Ange was now leading a fulfilling life and had joined a kindergarten class. Our NGO regularly receives photos which testify to the good health of the child and remind us that the operation from which she was able to benefit, saved her life.


Suffering from congenital pseudo-arthritis, Anselme, 9, returned to Luxembourg 6 months after an initial treatment which had made it possible to lengthen his left leg by nearly 12 cm. However, a second bone graft was necessary, followed by daily physiotherapy care for almost 4 months. Recovering remarkably, Anselme was able to have his external fixator removed after only one month and returned to Benin with a splint but without his crutches. Today, his two legs give him excellent stability and Anselme can enjoy life like all children of his age.



Kesiya, 2 years old, was among the last children on the list of patients who can be operated on during a CDEB cardiac surgery mission in Kigali. Due to lack of time, the doctors were unable to operate on her, but her malformation being worrying and requiring urgent intervention, the Chaîne de l'Espoir Luxembourg organized her operation at the Saint-Luc University Clinics as soon as possible. After a stay of several weeks with a host family in the Grand Duchy, little Kesiya was able to find her family in Rwanda in full health.


Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Emmanuella, 6, was successfully operated on for an ENT infection and fitted with a hearing aid to compensate for the deficiencies from which she suffered. Since returning home, the girl has returned to school where she has made significant progress thanks to her new hearing skills. Her social life has also improved since her hearing loss - a source of isolation - is now just a bad memory.

Hermann hop Ter.JPG


Hermann, 4, from Madagascar, underwent surgery for a heart failure at the Saint-Luc University Clinics in Brussels. In Luxembourg, where he was convalescing for several weeks, Hermann was followed by Dr Kerstin Wagner, pediatric cardiologist at Kannerklinik. Today the little boy can fully enjoy life and is full of energy. His parents, grateful to the Chaîne de l'Espoir Luxembourg, regularly send artisanal products from their country which are then sold for the benefit of our association.

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